Removing a large white hat, in and out

I have successfully removed a large white hat from a clip that appears from one side of the frame then exits from the same side in one operation. When I try to remove the same hat in another clip where the hat appears twice in and out, the hat fails to remove or is partially removed.

My results are probably because I am expecting too much in one operation. In one of my attempts, a message noted that the image was too dark. Since the hat is brilliant white, the message must have referred to the background that is inside a covered open air market scene in the South Pacific. The background and hat are not perfectly focused.

Can this removal be done in one operation for the hat appearing in and out twice in the same clip. If not:

  • do I need to remove each of 2 hats in and out in 4 projects after saving each?
  • do I need to sharpen and shadow/highlight the clip?
I am experiencing that each sharpening step has to be in a strict sequence without corrections except for the existing keys before and after rendering. Also, naming a spline needs to be done before the key appears on the timeline. Is this correct?

Hi There,

The hat should be able to be removed if you have enough background to work with. You just need to make sure the foreground mask is always covering what you need to remove, and that the background is solidly tracked.

There are going to be some shots where the background behind the foreground object just never appears. This is where you commonly get artefacts or incomplete removals. In this case you need to paint out the object manually with a clean plate, then use the clean plate for the rest of the shot.

[I removed the formatting in your post as it was displaying incorrectly. I’ve kept the text content of the post intact.]

Thanks Martin,

This gives me a good opportunity to use clean plates. Apologies for the formatting that must have been a copy and paste from Word. I use Word since I find it easier to prepare a large amount of text. If I do this, is there a way of converting the text so it appears correctly in the mocha reply?

I would just make your replies plaintext (using a text editor). Word adds too many additional wrappers.