Removing a logo from a shirt on a person that is running

I am using Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5 for After Effects 2023.
First time user. I want to remove a small logo on the shirt of a man who is running. There is a lot of blur and when I use the remove technique, it mostly works for each frame except for a few. I have created separate cleanplates for those frames to replace and get a better remove. I have imported them on the bottom left where it says Cleanplate clip. After it is imported I click on the centre render icon and proceed with the rest of the frames. Then when its all rendered, I click on the save button on the top left, close it and go back to After Effects. The clip doesnt update itself even when the render check box has been ticked ie. the logo still appears. Where I have gone wrong?
First image is where I add the cleanplate in to the ‘remove’ layer.
Second image shows the artifacts on a frame after tracking through.
Third image shows the video that has not been updated, in After Effects and also the render box checked.

Based on your screenshot, you’re looking at the source footage file (red arrow), and not at the composition view (green arrow). The result should be visible in composition.

As for the Artifacts, try making your shape just slightly bigger, and make the edges feathered, using “Edge Properties” controls