Removing an object

Could you please provide me with a step by step in how to remove an item from a video. Happy to have a play about as a complete newbie. But all the videos are too hard to see what is being clicked. Please could you provide a step by step list of click this - click here - select this etc. so I can follow it to work out exactly how it can be done.

Thank you in Advance

Hi there,

We have this process completely outlined and illustrated in our documentation here: Boris FX | Mocha® 2021 User Guide

Hope that helps!


thank you for sending that through. I have tried to use that link before but cannot find where any of the buttons listed are located. For example it says render - but where is the render button? Please could you assist with a real simplified version. e.g click this header - select this option - highlight the area on the photo that you want removed - click this header - click this option type of thing?

I can then play around with it to perfect it but I cant work out how to do it in the first place and am on the free trial at the moment so want to insure I can do it before I pay for the full programme

Thank you

Hi Katie,

That’s in our documentation under the interface overview: Boris FX | Mocha® 2021 User Guide

I can’t take the time to write out the guide again from the top, but I can give you three high resolution video links that should help with removes:

And that’s about as simplified as we can make it. You have to know the fundamentals of Mocha to create a good remove, I can’t simplify it to create and track Foreground Shape and Background Shape, track, select Foreground Shape, and Remove by clicking render forward (same button as the track but in the remove module instead of the track tab), because this simplified breakdown is not going to work on every shot. Shots require different approaches. Check out the controls and interface overview, and then jump into this short series on the remove module, and I think you will get what you need.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I will be happy to help you,