Removing Black Background from Particle Emitter 3D

I will not lie, I am a total noob when it comes to Boris FX. But I bought it to use it as a filter for my comic based vlogs.

I use Vegas 16. How exactly do I remove the black background from the effects, thus making them transparent? I want the effects to sit on top of the original clip or picture, not a black background.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Eric,

Particle Emitter 3D will replace the original clip. We should probably add an option to directly composite over the original. But for now you should be able to get what you want by duplicating the track and applying the filter to the copy on the upper track. (Or applying it to a slug or other filler on the upper track.) Does that work for you?


Makes it look as if the background is completely black at first when it is in fact transparent.

I figured this out myself after playing around for a few minutes, then realised it takes over the original clip. So basically you can just put an empty event on the timeline and add the particle emitter 3d effect, then put your footage/pictures etc, on a separate track below.

Seems strange that it’s not mentioned in any documentation from what i can tell.

BCC Extruded Text, Organic Strands, Radiant Edges, and Cartoon Rays also appear to replace the image without an option to composite over the original. Applying these effects to a duplicate instance of the media does work as you described, but being able to avoid that work flow would be preferable.

Are there any plans to add this option to these effects as well?

In Rays Radiant Edges and Rays Cartoon you can already composite over the original using the Apply Mode menu located after the Colorize parameter group. But it would be good to add this option to Organic Strands and Extruded Text as you suggest.

Thank you for the correction regarding the ray effects.
On the topic of Extruded Text, are there any plans for implementing a Mocha tracking parameter like most of the other BCC plugins? I’m assuming since Mocha is a planar tracker that it wouldn’t be able to effectively modify X/Y rotation data, but maybe something for X/Y position and Z distance scaling for the text and lights modules?

Sorry if this question is better suited for the Mocha forum, and thanks for the response. You guys do awesome work.

Bringing the Mocha Motion Tracker into the 3D Objects family of filters including Extruded Text and Title Studio is definitely a high priority feature for us. Can’t promise when it will be available but it’s definitely near the top of the list.