Removing Blur Tracking Markers

I have to remove tracking markers off an actor but he is moving around a lot and the trackers loose focus. When the tracker is sharp it removes great but when the tracker gets blurry the removal tool seems to add noise to the note and it is noticeable. I have attached pictures to show you the issue. One picture has the circle area of the problem area with the blurry tracking dot and the second picture shows how it looks when the tracking dot is in focus. What can I do to remove tracking markers that get blurry in dailies?

If I create 2 different clean plates (Using different frames of the same shot) in photoshop how do I use 2 clean plates to remove one tracking dot? If so where can I find to do this?

The original clean plate is DPX files. I looked and hardware rendering is not checked off in preferences. Should that be checked?

I did clean multiple of clean plates and it looks worse. Im also getting a black dot over the area at some points. Can you make too many clean plates? Also why the black dot?

I have re-done a clean plate in photoshop 4 times using different plates. I have also restarted my computer and program many times. The black dot continues every time I render the removal process. This was working fine before but now this black dot keeps coming out. To help out I have attached a picture of my work flow just so you can see and maybe help in this matter. Any thoughts?

So I turned on hardware rendering in my preferences started the project from scratch and once I do the removal tool the black dot comes up. But I have notice something that is wired and might be the issue but I don’t know how to fix it. My oginal DPX files are 8.3MBs and Im converting my project to an 8bit project because I can not handle the 16BIT projects exports that mocha creates. So when I create a Clean Plate it is 12.5MB file and when I do the clean up in photoshop and press save then reopen it, it is a black picture. Now why is it saving as a black picture? When I open it up in photoshop to do the fix I can see the picture fine. Something is happening when I save it in Photoshop. Any ideas? Could it be that the clean plate files are being exported as 16BIT for the clean plate? Is there something in the preferences I need to have checked off to create the correct clean plate format? I can see in my preferences Convert to 8BIT is checked on. Let me know your!
thoughts or any info you might need

My original files are DPX files and I can open them up in Photoshop. The black dots seem to pop on periodically and not every frame. If I change the clean plate formate from DPX files to JPEG won’t that change the quality of the final product? I need full HD DPX output.

So long the material will just be used to review and find a possible solution while not making a video tutorial I can send material over. Which files should I send over? The files are pretty big so how do I send them?

So I saved the picture as a TIFF in photshop and that seemed to help the black dot issue. Thank you

I went back to 3.1.1 and I have been using TIFF images and I remove the dots on the plate to make it clean plate. I have been creating about 10 clean plates for this one shot because there is so much movement. I import all 10 clean plates and tell mocha to use these to remove the dots. Everything was working fine it seemed but then when I played the rendered project back black dots appeared randomly and only for a frame or 2 then went away. Its also not all of the removal areas its all random. I have no idea why this is happening. Any thoughts on this matter?

What format is your clean plate?
Also, are you using hardware rendering in preferences?

Try rendering with it on. You will ned to restart mocha when you set the preference.

Are you able to send us the files in question? It sounds like we need to test the scenario here to further understand what is going on.

If you are unable to send these for NDA reasons, can you send us a similar example?

I can set up an ftp location for you. Please email me at the address listed here: martinb[at]

You just hit “create cleanplate” again on the frame you want to use, paint it in photoshop, load it back in by clicking “edit cleanplate” in mocha and making sure you have both cleanplates loaded (if not, hit the folder icon and load them) and make sure they are in at the right frames.

Hit render, there will be linear animations between old and new plates.


Hi there,

You can get a better track on the forehead by increasing your tracking area and tracking from the area of largest detail to smallest detail (if part of the problem is a tracking issue, but I am not sure it is).

Then you can complete the remove render and blend it with the original plate with a feathered shape (the same ones you used for the remove) and match the blur with a fast blur or a box blur or similar.

Or you make another cleanplate for blurry areas in the shot.

This is a case of some hand work needing to be done, in that it’s probably easiest just to animate a blur.


There’s something wrong with that cleanplate. I am not sure what.

If it looks worse, I will refer back to my previous advice which is complete the remove render and blend it with the original plate with a feathered shape (the same ones you used for the remove) and match the blur with a fast blur or a box blur or similar in AE. Then match grain over the top.

While that should work fine, something is going wrong with it, and I can either look at the shot for you later or you can get it out the door with blur and matching grain.


Sounds like you don’t have the right codec installed with photoshop in order to read those files. Try using a different format, like a JPEG or PNG and see if it does the same.

It is either a roto issue or there isn’t enough info to do the remove. Can you send us the shot to see?