Removing cranes from aerial footage v2


It’s been recommended I used Silhouette to remove these cranes due to the parallax in the shot.

Here is the footage:

Which features should I focus on learning/using?

Regards Rueben

Rueben, this looks like a challenging shot. I would suggest tracking the various areas where the cranes are located using the Mocha tracker and then using Viewer > Stabilization, paint each area with the Paint > Clone brush. The Clone brush will allow you to paint from different frames in time and most likely choosing a clean background frame (no crane) near your painted frame will work the best.

It is possible Mocha Pro’s remove module would be a good candidate for this shot as well. I invite one of the Mocha Pro experts to chime in or you can post in the Mocha forum for advice as well.

Thank you for the advice. Mary from Mocha pro suggested the parallax would be too much of an issue. I might try the background ones in Mocha and the foreground ones in silhouette.


For a shot like this it would really help to have a camera track which you can use to stabilise the plate at all the different depths that you need to rebuild to remove the cranes. Then for each area in depth I would patch the frame at the start & frame at the end as a starting point, and do a morph between the patches. This will help to fake the parralax and make the blend invisible whilst maintaining lighting changes as close to the plate as possible throughout. At any point if the paint stops matching the plate too much then do another patch inbetween and keep repeating until it works for the whole range. Manual warps in places will also probably help. Do all this stabilised then reapply the matchmove at the end. Keep repeating at each depth until plate has been rebuilt. Take a little while but that’s how I would approach it.

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Thank you. I start work on this tomorrow so this advice is just in time :). Stupid question but I assume when you say camera track you’re referring to the feature inside Silhouette and not stabilisation tracking using something outside of Silhouette?

@ruebenad I believe Josh is referring to a 3D camera track that includes tracking data for the entire image. Silhouette is not capable of loading a 3D camera track, but you could track the individual areas where painting will occur and stabilize and patch in each area as Josh is suggesting.

Yes what Marco said.

A trick I do very often if you do have a 3D camera track and want to use that in Silhouette, is to bake it into 4 point tracking data at a certain depth via Nuke first. Then you can use all the Silhouette paint functionality with a solid camera track and all the hard tracking work is done. I often find tracking is just as or even more important than the paint itself in a shot like this.

Maybe support for external camera tracking data is on the horizon @marco ? :wink:

Good luck, feel free to post any progress (if you’re allowed to) :smiley:

It is on the list.