Removing cranes from aerial footage


I’m new to Mocha. I have been looking at tutorials online. Mocha Pro: Solving Complex Object Removes - YouTube but the planer tracking is giving me mixed results.

The shot is 250 frames and is 5.5k so is rather large and processor heavy so I would like guidance on which approach is most likely going to work?

Here are the start middle and end frames.

Regards Rueben

Hi Rueben,

This has a lot of parallax in the shot, so it isn’t a good candidate for the Mocha Pro Remove module. Have you considered using something like Silhouette for this type of shot? There’s a lot of hand paint that will have to be done for this much parallax.


Thank you…This is the first time the person on all the tutorials has also answered my questions. VIP treatment :slight_smile:

Happy to help, we are all pretty accessible over here at Boris FX. :wink: