Removing Insect Splatter from Windscreen

I’ve read the other post on removing wires, and I’m attempting to do something similar.

Situation: Van is always moving forward; road is continually coming towards van and therefore towards the camera; distracting central vision Insect Splatter which, with the rolling and movement of vehicle is always in movement across the Frame; the Splatter is often not in enough contrast to be trackable and of course wanders through similar contrast and brightness levels to be indistinguishable from the always moving Landscape background.

My approach: To use fixed points of Track-ability and use these as Linked Tracks to guide/register a Mask that will follow the movement of the Splatter. This in turn can then be used as a Removal Tracked Mask. Am I making sense? I’ve successfully Isolated a larger Tracked area ready for the Splatter removal but I can’t fathom just how I link all these registered marks to guide for the Splatter Removal Mask.

Here’s what I have and what I’ve done so far.

The Captured Issue:

Splatter showing against Road Surface:

And this is my attempt to use the High Contrast and Shapes of the Tax Disc, the Left and Right Wiper Blades, the distant, but always getting bigger Mountains and the Splatter:

As the Tax Disc, the Left and Right windscreen wipers are in fixed/complete register with the Splatter - the distances from the Splatter are mostly/always the same in time and space - I was hoping for a MOCHA solution.

What do you think? Interesting enough?

As I said, this is awfully similar to the Remove Wire, but not quite.

I would split this up differently.

I’d track the dash and sticker in a loose shape and keep that all on top of the remove.
Then I would draw a bug gut shape and link it to the FG track and drag that below the dash.
Then I would track the road from the end to the beginning with link to: none to get the track as the truck moves forward.
Then I would track the mountains and use the link track chain tool to put both of these layers together.
You may need a cloud layer.

All the BG layers must encompass the bug splat in order to get a good remove.

Then I’d try to render my remove.

Bug Guts <----remove
Road and horizon
Mountains & clouds.
Clouds if necessary, if the mountain layer is giving bad results.


O…K… So my fiendish idea of linking Tracked items isn’t gonna work? Trouble with tracking the dash, and its good bits aren’t always available.

A loose shape is one that isn’t tight to the items - yes?

Yes, I understand.

I don’t understand? Could you put it a different way - please.

Thanks for the help thus far,


Just track the good parts you can find and link to them, that should work fine. It’s a good idea.

A loose shape is one that goes outside the edges of the object, so yes. It’s not right on the edges.

When I say track from the end of the shot to the beginning, I mean on the timeline. Scroll to the end, because the car moves forward, the track needs to move “into” the screen and not out towards you. Tracking from the end to the beginning will make the tracking data travel down the road and not out towards you. When the track passes the screen view plane the math can get corrupted and your track will fail. Also, you always want to track from areas of the most detail (largest in frame, least blurry, most parallel to the camera) to smaller detail (blurry, turned away, or smaller).

Link to none is just under layer properties, it’s where you’d link to a track only instead of linking to another layer, you select link to track: none, this leaves the shape still and reads all the detail that moves under the shape like a scanner to create the track.

I am out for the weekend and will be at NAB all week, but I will try to check in where I can!


Much to digest there. I think I’ve got.

Anyways, NAB “What happens in Vegas … “ Have a great time!

Mary and Martin, thanks for your direction over the year. Starting to value MOCHA and see where I can use it.


Oh man . . . ?! I am NOT feeling the love with this Project. No. :tired_face:

I’m needing this to be simplified - I really do.

Please advise,


I’ve now tried making a moving mask in Vegas by hand, and tracked that in MP. It’s a mess.

If I could get this working then this type remedial treatment would be a boon for Vegas.

Been at it for three days now and just can’t fathom this.


On another thread it looks like you’ve figured this out. Do you still need help or are you set?

Thanks Mary. Wanting to make something work I reduced the video to that which had a clear image of the Insect Splatter. And yes, I did use some of your advise.

I’m still wanting to achieve that method of using items that are are high in contrast to generate a Mask of the Insect Splatter.

How can I do that?

I cover this exact issue in a tutorial here, if it helps:

You most certainly do - 'cept . . . My dashboard is sometimes IN and then out of shot and then maybe LEFT and maybe RIGHT! :rofl:







So, Martin, you can see the issues. Your Tute is great and I learned loads especially the Additional Tracking DATA to “guide” the Insect Oval-Shaped object - neat.

I’ve tried using your method and adjusting the Dashboard Track-ing to include what comes INTO view and what what goes OUT of view, and yes, I ended up with a right royal dogs dinner.

Maybe what is needed in these circumstances is to allow for the feeding Additional Tracking DATA to come from different sources as when needed.

What do you think? - I’m not giving up. :sunglasses:

Martin, because of the several Tracking Items I’m having to use, I’m needing to SWAP to another Layer to create that ASSISTANCE Tracking DATA during the Process of Tracking the Insect Removal. I’m discovering that this is NOT possible. Please confirm.

Do I need to set up sequential Removal Shapes to allow this?

For example:

Frame 0 to Frame 192: Link Track Tax disc to Shape Removal 1
Frame 192 to Frame 582: Link Track Left Wiper Blade to Shape Removal 2
Frame 583 to Frame 1,000: Link Track Right Wiper Blade to Shape Removal 3

etc etc . . .

It would appear I can’t change Track Linking within the KeyFraming - meaning I change ONE KF for Track Linking and this becomes a GLOBAL change. To me this is unexpected behaviour. I would expect that a KF could HOLD the change of Property - and here that is a Linked Track Property. Maybe there is one?

Please advise.



Hello - Any direction on my requests?

I’ve had to make FIVE separate VegasPro Events to accommodate the MOCHA process. My expectations as a Vegas User would be to execute an OFX and do that work in one Event.

Here’s what I’ve got:

Please advise,

Cheers - Graham