Removing Light Bands Flicker

Hey there!

I’m currently trying to remove light bands from my video caused by LED lighting. I was messing around with the settings with the BCC Flicker Fixer and couldn’t get a satisfactory result. The best result I was able to get was by using Temporal Smooth RGB, but even with the smoothing set to “1”, it smoothed out details in the video too much. Does anyone have any suggestions for settings to remove the banding?

Here’s a WeTransfer link to a snippit of the video:

Hi Keith,

I’ll take a look at your video clip but I suspect that we don’t have a solution to fix that in Continuum. The BCC Flicker Fixer filter was designed more for auto-iris issues and it truly excels at solving that problem but fluorescent light flicker is a different type of problem. I’ll review the shot and let you know.


Thank you! I was able to fix the clip using another trial software, but I was hoping to avoid purchasing a different editing suite.

I had pretty much the same results that you describe - the only method that seems to work is Temporal Smoothing and that causes a loss of detail in the image. I’m not surprised by this finding but I had hope that it might be something that with a little tweaking could result in a usable setting. Sorry - it was worth a shot though. Have you tried Flicker Free from DA?

I appreciate you trying it! Flicker Free was the other software that mostly removed it. Honestly I was hoping to be able to use Continuum as I really love the other effects it has to offer, but maybe in the future (currently working on a bit of a budget haha) Thank you so much for your help!

I wish I could have solved that with Continuum but at least you have an option to move forward with. We’re constantly developing new tools and updating existing tools so please keep us in mind for the next problem for which you need a plugin solution.