Removing little shakes from footage

Hi there,

i got some footage from a museum from a Go Pro Fusion on a tripod that is moved by a remote controlled model car. Everything is fine expect of little shakes that are produced from uneven ground (little gaps between the floor tiles / the tires had been to little to compensate these gaps).
I tracked the footage and reoriented the footage…the horizon line is really straight now but the micro shakes are still there.
Any idea how to remove these ?

Thx a lot & Best

If the micro shakes are just from another stabilization pass being needed, you can just run a stabilize again. However, if they are rolling shutter artifacts baked into the frames you probably won’t be able to do much about them. So it will depend on what the shakes are from. I’d try another stabilize pass if it’s not rolling shutter.

Thanks Mary !

hello mary,

what do you mean by stabilization pass? another stab-layer on top or first render out and stabilize the stabilized output? thanks

I’d render it first, usually making an adjustment layer and stacking the stabilize effect makes for abysmal render times.