Removing Moving Rig Issues

Hi there! This is my first topic, so i apologize if i make some mistakes.

So, I have a 360 4k footage, where my rig enter a big room.

The floor has some reflections, but my big issue is that i cant track the floor properly. I’ve already tried yours Object Removal Tutorial, using the track of a BG and the track of the rig to remove. But when i do it, my planar surface moves along my tracking, like diving into it, I dont know if this happens because of the reflections along the ground, but i already selected to none in my link to track tab so it could scan the ground instead of tracking it.

I want to know if i its possible to remove my rig perfectly or Mocha wont match the variations of textures over the ground, and if i need to make extras tracking before tracking the floor to remove my rig.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I’m still mastering removes in Mocha, but…
for something like this I’d create a clean plate in Photoshop first and use that for the remove.

I’d try tracking a spot on the floor maybe along the left edge of two of the darker gray boxes to try and avoid reflections while getting enough detail to track.

remember that you can track… then adjust your shape (uber on) to cover what you need it to for your remove.

Hi Cris! Thanks for the attention.

The problem (i guess) to use clean plate in this case, is that the reflection of the lights on the floor changes over the time. So i guess i cant create a fix floor layer to be tracked over time, right?
Other thing i realized is that the camera shakes i lil bit cause of the irregularity of the floor, would it be an issue?

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but is there a way to control the planar surface over the time? or it will follow my bg track layer? In this case, if its only scanning the floor, i cant control where my layer point would be, so it starts in a nice position of the floor

, and ends it like it dived into the floor

Tkx again!