Removing Slider in 360

Hi there,

Any idea how can I remove slider in this footage:

Is in MochaVR any special method/trick of removing the slider?

Our team have already spent a week and reviewed all possible lessons and examples about removing sliders & motion objects but all we get is sucks ;(

I’ve attached 8K raw 20 sec footage of this Underwater Suite

Best, Gleb

Hi there,

This is a difficult shot because fish swim past your slider. And because it is a slider, it’s not the best candidate for the remove tool because you can’t ever see “behind” the slider, so there’s no pixels for Mocha to use to automatically replace the slider. Even if there were, the FG fish make that difficult. Your best bet is to use the Mocha Lens tool and unwarp the shot, then rotopaint the slider out, and use Mocha VR to rotoscope the fish back in over the top. You will have to touch up paint the fish where they cross the slider by hand. But the good news is you only have to roto the fish where they cross over your painted area as well. And it’s only two fish I can see in your clip that cause problems.

The lens warp and paint tutorial we have deals with a similar slider. I will link it here:


Thank you!

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