Removing sun-ray from 3D stereoscopic

Hi there,

I filmed rafting down the river in 3D with two cameras. On one of the camera there’s a sun ray from top to bottom that moves left and right. the other eye doesn’t have it.

I already tried few thinks but I wander what will be the best way to approach the removing of this sun ray.

here’s a link to the footage:


Thank you very much


Hi Elad,

You’ll need a few tracks (and a little bit of hand painting), but it looks like a stereo remove could help you in this file reconstruction. The problem will be the water splashes and the part where the light goes over the arm and river. But the boat and trees will be decently solved with a stereo remove.

Your layer order will be:

Light ray
Arm track
Boat track
River track
Trees track

And you’ll have to hand paint any artifacts.

It’s not going to be a super easy shot.


Thank you very much Mary, you are amazing.


I’m relatively new, so just to make sure I understand,

Load the two eyes,

Do all the tracks on the eye with the sun ray,

Do the remove of the sun ray layer from the left eye.


Do i need to do anything different to remove? does the program know to use the other eye or do I need to load it some how?



You just have to make sure you’re using mocha Pro V4 and that you track both eyes for the BG remove. The sun ray can only be on one eye, that’s fine. You’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with our stereo workflow. If you’ve never done a remove before, this is going to not be an easy start for you. You will need to check out some of mocha’s fundamental videos first.

We have a breakdown on stereo remove here: Boris FX | Stereo 3D Remove

And a breakdown on the stereo workflow here: Boris FX | Fundamentals of Mocha v4 Update - Basic Stereo Workflow


Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help.

Thank you VERY much,

Yes must let us know if you come to New Zealand so we can repay for all the help you given,



Where can I get the rest of those lessens?

Man, I would LOVE to come to New Zealand. But that’s Martin’s territory. :wink:

You can get the rest of the lessons here: Boris FX | Videos

You can always navigate to our videos section and use the search bar or dropdown menu to find more videos too.

After 24 hours of trying different things, I’m getting it out but still finding many artefacts and distortion.

Any more pointers or tips?

Would you try it and post a tutorial on the best solution that you can achieve. Im interested to see how good an expert can get it and what I can aim for.

Hi Elad,

Yes, I can try that today. I am not in the office on the weekends. Though I did say you’re probably going to have to hand paint any artifacts from the water, and I did mean that.


Hi Elad,

Yes, upon further exploration of the shot in depth, this is just a hard remove. You will need to do a lot of hand painting to get rid of artifacts. And where the light ray goes over the guy, you’re better off hand painting that section. This might be a better rotopaint shot and attaching that rotopaint to your tracking data or using mocha import + to stabilize areas and paint them. You can see how to do that here: Tutorial Beauty Retouch in NUKE with SplineWarp+ and Stabilized Views

You’ve just got too much multiplanar animation going on in the shot to have mocha nail this perfectly.

Thank you VERY! much. xx