Removing Wire in Mocha

Hi I got an issue removing a wire/thread from a shot using Mocha. I’ve been following the layer system of putting objects closest to the camera at the top and objects furthest at the bottom. The thread I wanna remove is below the fish layer (as you can see in the picture), so it takes the information of the background layers underneath it. Still, why does it take the fish layer as a reference? Is it maybe a problem of the plates I’ve created?

It seems like the area between my reference layers interpolates with the removal mask, is that how “Use Cleanplates Exclusively” is supposed to work?

Hi there,

This is almost certainly a roto error. Check that the fish is always inside the fish shape, including motion blur. Looks like you’re leaving some of the fish on the background from other frames.


Hi Mary,

thank you for the response! I checked my fish Roto and the mask seems fine. I tried it with another shot and there still seems to be the same issue. Object masks in the foreground still covers my remove layer… Roto always covers the foreground object and are always above the remove layer.

Is it maybe a matter of the search range? I’m working in an IN and OUT area and the search range seems to go beyond that area. Still, the mask only covers the working area and the foreground object is always fully masked.


Similar Issue here…
I properly tracked the hand and and the background when I wanted to remove the exclamation point. It just weirdly removes the half of it, beside everything being cleanly tracked. Feel like there’s a fundamental thing I’m doing wrong but I don’t get what…

No, that’s definitely fish pixels on the background, probably the roto is really tight on the fish and you’re leaving one or two pixels behind and it’s expanding out from the remove algorithm. You need to expand past any motion blur the fish leaves on the BG or remove the fish with the wire and roto the fish back on top. This may be better as an insert patch just to account for the fish occlusion.

You need a cleanplate to remove the exclamation point. But if you have an occlusion that will be held out of your remove.

You might find this video helpful? I think your occlusions are the problem. Consider patches again: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

Hi Mary,

I watched the video about the insert tool and patching and will definitely try it out. Seems like it’s a different way of removing objects, but what if there are changes in perspective and lighting of the patches you wanna create, when they are just “stills”. Let’s say a sunlight is slowly coming and brightened up the brick wall and the woman in the black suit in the background of the video you recommended.

Then you’d want to try to remove the object you need to remove and the object occluding it to get the lighting changes.

Or hand color correct.