Removing Wrinkles in Product

I just picked up a copy of Silhouette Paint and am learning the ropes.
I have a shot from on project I edited this past fall of some clothing product on a set of mannequins. I remember the client saying they were in a rush during the shoot and didn’t have time to steam the clothing. So, I’m trying to do it now with Silhouette. My question is what kind of tools/workflow do you for a task like this?

I’ve played around with painting 50% grey, using the blur tool, and the drag tool on the detail channel. It ends up looking smudgy and I have to go back over my strokes with the grain brush to try and make it blend. I’ve also done some normal cloning and some cloning on the detail channel. Least successfully I tried dodge/burn.

@sam Without seeing your footage, I would say the Clone brush would most likely be what you need. Sometimes, you can get away with painting one frame, rotoing the section you want to composite and then tracking the section into place in your host application. You might also need to add some noise or grain to the painted the area.

Yeah that’s basically how I’ve done clean plates with Mocha Pro’s Remove or Insert Module.

I’m trying to learn what types of tasks I should use Silhouette Paint for and what I should continue to do in MochaPro.

Remove Workflows

  • Mocha Pro: Compositing based (Better for simple removals)
  • Silhouette Paint: Paint based (Better for more complicated removals. If the area around the remove is changing in an organic fashion, tracking in a clean plate will not yield good results.)

Types of Projects Good For Silhouette Paint

  • Logo, Wire & Object Removals
  • Retouching, Beauty, Fixes
  • Matte Painting, Backgrounds, Sets
  • Creative Paint in Broadcast & Graphics

Ok, I’ve spent some more time on this shot and it’s starting to come together.
Question: Can you save brush presets by user instead of by project? Every time I create a new project I have to recreate all my brushes.

@sam There is not currently a way to save brush presets as user settings. The brush presets were always viewed as project specific. Do you find that you are wanting to use the same brush presets between different projects?

I’m finding that I keep falling back to 4 or 5 brush presets. I feel it gives me a sense of repeatability and I know how the tool will work. Granted I’m new to Silhouette, but I feel like it could be great feature to add.

We’ll look into adding this.