Render all project, remove module

Hello, i’m trying almost a week to export a project of mine. It has 5 layers with removal module but i can’t figure out how to render the entire clip with these modules actually rendering the remove. The final result usually is the initial clip without any removes . . .

Are you using the plugin or the standalone.

If you’re using the plugin: Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2019 User Guide

If you’re using the standalone, you will need to render the full frame range in your Mocha Pro module and then use export rendered clip to render the module. Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2019 User Guide

Please try that and let me know if you are continuing to have trouble rendering. Also, let me know what version of Mocha you are using and what host and I will be able to help you better.


Hi Mary and thanks for replying, i use Mocha Pro 2019 standalone, i tried to render the clip as in the second link but it gives me the initial footage or if i am lucky only a part of footage edited. I put the ‘gear’ icon on all of my layers that have the remove module.

Speaking about rendering full frame range then exporting, it usually crashes the program or gives an error something like image missing.

I think the problem may be that Mocha doesn’t show that this track is unrendered. I put the remove module on a layer and when i hit render gear icon it gives me only one frame cleaned(which is ok obviously) but the rest of the frames in the layer are as in initial footage(i think it should show clip not rendered on other frames). I use image sequences and cleanplates exclusively.

That sounds like maybe there’s a tracking issue, can you send me the project to maryp at borisfx dot com?