Render Button Grayed Out in the Remove Module


Hello fellow Mocha Pro Users,

In my remove module, after tracking and creating my clean plate, all render buttons are grayed out.

The track is good and the layer is selected in the remove module. The clean plate (created inside of the remove module by clicking create) is listed in the input clip and cleanplate clip listing.

I reviewed a number of tutorials and steps on my end seem to conform to a simple object removal, so I am stumped.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

Mocho Pro 5.6.0 (build161) 2/2/2018
After Effects 16.0.1 (Build 48) Windows 10


On the selected Remove layer, is the cog/gear icon on?



Hi Ross and thanks for the quick response.

To answer your question, yes the gear is on.

Attached is a screen shot of the remove module and settings.

Looking forward to a solution.

Have a good weekend.

Joseph Freeman


Removes always need 2 layers. The bottom layer is the track layer and the top layer is the remove layer.

Even when using a clean plate it needs to be set up like that.



Thank you for pointing out the obvious, which I missed.

All works correctly.

Thank you for your patience.

Joseph Freeman