Render error "missing queue element"

When clicking render with just the defaults i get the error message saying “missing queue element” but nothing shows whats missing. Trying to evaluate product for purchase but if it wont render i cant. Help Please?

Are you running the plugin version of Particle Illusion, or the free standalone version?

Also, what happens if you select one of the render presets (ProRes 422 HQ for instance – something other than the first preset) – does it work?

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I have the same problem with PI Standalone (latest) on Win10 64b. The above suggestion is of no avail.

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That screenshot shows that it is still set to use mp4 and H264. Can you try re-selecting a ProRes preset which should change it to .mov with a ProRes codec?

Another theory - could it have anything to do with the “special” character in the file path - the letter “é”? I tried a path with that character on Windows and couldn’t reproduce the issue, but it would be good to know if it makes a difference for you.


But I want an mp4 output !

The accent character in the path is not related. I tried with another path with the same problem.

I tried rendering in a mov video to no avail. Same problem.

Install klite codec pack.
Restart software so it loads up all codec it will work this is the main cause of all problems doing render

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It happens when you install software and open it and you uninstall it when software still open then It cant let render which you lead to missing queue element… software allows you to uninstall when it is being open… this is how I solved my problem