Render error

I’m having a problem where I’m rendering a 30-35 frame sequence and it only renders maybe the first 5 frames correctly and the EXR files are around 20MB, the rest seem like it’s just rendering an incomplete alpha

or some strange version of the frame that just looks corrupt with static,

and these files are around 1 MB. The only work around I found is to render a few frames at a time, at most 2 frames, seems to be okay sometimes. I also have to “Purge RAM cache” each time because the viewer goes black or looks corrupt like the last bad rendered frame. Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

Are you using a source movie file and if so, does replacing it with sequential files solve the issue?

Hi Marco the main input file is a tiff image sequence file I exported out from AE to use in Silhouette, there’s a couple of other tiff sequences I’m also using in the silhouette project for roto patches and filler areas, but out of 1350 frames, two sections around 30 frames each, needed me to go back an render them out one frame at a time. I could not even render two frames at once.

Is there any way to get the project and media to see if I can reproduce on my machine. Maybe just one of the 30 frame problem sections would do.

I’ll try to send a section when I get a chance, thanks Marco.

I get glitches in my renders sometimes (masks inverting, or turning off)
I find if I purge ram, then preview render frames in the viewer (full res) , they will render properly directly from ram.