Render issue ( Help )

win 10
i7 8700k
rtx 2080 ti
32gb ddr
it runs smooth on simulation however there is a problem when trying to render the final output.

1: using apple pro RES codec the output video becomes laggy and not smooth at all.
2: the h264 codec does not work but throws error when trying to render.
Internal data stream error.

What is the problem.

I’m assuming that you’re using the standalone version of Particle Illusion. You don’t mention in what application the playback is laggy - have you tried using VLC? What happens to the video when you bring it into a host - is playback smooth in the host? If not, one possible solution is to export the video from the host using a codec that will provide smooth playback on your system. What are you using for an editing or compositing host application?

I installed klite codec pack windows 10 and now I can use h264 option to render it out.

The apple codec sucks output playback lags not smooth.

When I say lag it means playback on vlc is not smooth playback.

Host after-effects.
Particle illusion plugin or standalone.
H264 did not have additional codec installed on system so it failed