Render media with transparent area/spline?

Hi, Mocha Pro standalone, latest version.
I feel like i’m going mad :joy: I’m sure i’ve done this before :man_shrugging::man_facepalming::upside_down_face:
all i want to do is render this with the spline area transparent, but all the options i choose for the spline & render options come out a B/W mask ? i have been rendering the timeline.

I believe you can do this with “export rendered clip” and not export rendered shapes. You have to select the matte option and make sure to include RGBA.

Hi, export rendered clip is what i’ve been trying,
If no insert is applied Matte is the only option to render,
there’s no RGBA that i can see, only RGB + Straight Alpha if that’s what you mean, but all options only give a B/W mask,
If I add an insert, i have Composite, Insert or Matte to render,
Composite exports both image & insert,
Insert just exports the inserted image,
& Matte exports just the B/W matte
Selecting ADD, Subtract or Transparent in the blend mode doesn’t change anything,

I must have been mistaken when i thought i’d done this before,
I tried many different combinations last night but i don’t think it can be done,
Thanks for your time,

Still trying this, surely Mocha can export a simple transparent cut out with an alpha cannel :man_shrugging:
If you believe this can be done :+1:

Let me double-check with @martinb on this one.

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