Render/Memory glitches (Ram Cache)

I am having an ongoing issue with render glitches, blank frames, and weird artifacts like shown in the example.
Ram Purge can fix a frame im parked on… but at rendertime I get this :frowning:

Turns out it was the Blur node that was doing this… :roll_eyes:
Moving it farther up the node tree look to have solved it.

EDIT: It has not solved it.
why would a blur break this?

To fix it:
I moved the blur node, added a DOD node, adjusted it to have a setting, RAM previewed the DOD node to have the source footage in memory, then hit render.
Does Silhouette have problems with complex comps?
I’ve seen Ben Brownlee with much more complex node trees than mine.

Are you using a movie file as the source?

Silhouette is indeed having some issues with node ordering or node combinations. Image moving wrong places after adding some node and such is frustrating. I have only done basic comps so far, but I simply move to another application when something go wrong for no obvious reason. I need to get job done.

Some nodes change the DOD and it may require placing a DOD node and setting it to the session size to keep the image from moving around. It’s hard to provide a suggestion without a project/media and an indication of what you are doing.

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I was using a DPX sequence derived from a .mov source (sorry for delay getting back)

This fix has helped me, but as you’ve stated, you need to adjust the size.
The memory glitches, such as shown in the original post continue to occur.
I’ll save an example project for you next time.
unfortunately it often happens when i’m under time pressure, so I have to find a way to move forward (Prerendering nodes etc)


In this case removing Blur node out from the stream did the trick.