Render node lic weirdness with Fusion

I have Fusion 9.0.1 running on main machine, 10.13.1 release. I have render nodes actually working on mac mini and MBP 2016 i7. First render is full res to jpg sequence. works fine :slight_smile: 2nd pass after a bunch of changes, I decided better to run a 1/2 res render to check if all the things I did work. frames from MBP show lic warning text on them ! renders where about 40min apart, only the that changes was output res going from full to 1/2. any ideas ?

also is there a specific install for render machines other than just run the regular installer ?


And this is with Continuum 11 in Fusion 9 on a Mac, right?

yes. I just downloaded the latest beta and I[m going to do reinstall on laptop. I’m pretty sure laptop was installed with beta serial # and wasn’t formally licensed. the tower ( main ) machine was.


If you still have problems after updating, can you please send the BCC log file from the machine that generated the watermarks. I can be found on mac in a path like this:

ok, let me install, try a render at full and 1/2 res and see what happens. couple hrs or tonite.


actually here is the log before reinstall, shows lic failure at bottom. no idea why it would change status like that… (1.6 KB)

reinstalled, rendered 1/2 res frames ok. other renders ran ok.

When you reinstalled on that machine, do you recall if it prompted you to re-enter the license or did it just silently use the previously installed license?

slient install, picked up old info.

Thanks. We’ll experiment in our labs. Please let us know if you see any further problems with this going forward.

Just checking… Do render nodes need licenses? I thought remote rendering was unlicensed.

so… watermarking came back on machine that had been reinstalled. at one point this machine was probably licenced, or migrated from prev machine to new one via migration assistant. so likely bits of old lic left behind. guess I can reinstall it again, or mayb try uninstall, then reinstall.

on mac mini which has never had bcc installed, ran thru the installer and when asked about lic selectes bottom option which I guess is install in demo mode.


Render nodes do require special render-only license files to be installed, but these can be obtained for free through our sales team.

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Can you please re-send the latest log file directly to me: jclement AT

It is possible this is related to the previous licensing or migration history on that system. It might have other causes such as network anomalies. As for the mac mini which didn’t previously have BCC, it would definitely need a full or render-only license file installed in order to render without watermarking even when used as a render-only node.