Render progress is stuck

Hi all,
Thank Boris FX for making it a free tool, I’m a hobby designer so buying continumen full was a bit overkill. No more screen recording of particles on chromakey background, lol.

Whit the standalone version, I’m getting a somewhat strange output with the renderer: it does not finish. The file is rendered and can be used, but it wil not complete ( the progress bar doesn’t reach the end. I’ve waited a while, but nothing is happening, the file doesn’t change. Anyone an idea what is happening?

I’ve tried rendering full range, custom range, different clip length ect

Thank Gr Joep

Have you looked in the render location to see if a file was created in that folder? Also, I can see from the screenshot that the render destination appears to be the “downloads” folder … perhaps you could point it to the desktop instead and see if that works?

Dear Peter,

The file is there, and seems to be correct. Can import it with the alpha channel. But I was wondering why it doesn’t complete the render in a particle Il app.

That is just a problem with the render progress bar widget itself. Your render is completing normally. It’s just that the progress bar is failing to update the last tick visually. This shouldn’t interfere with your use of the renders in any way. Once you hear the chime then it is done rendering. We will improve the progress bar in a future update.

@jclement Thanks a bunch, that confirms my suspicion, thank you for the information.