Render to modules in one instance?

Using the Avid plugin, I wanted to do an insert of one object and a remove of a separate object. When I get back into Avid, I have to choose between the remove module or the insert: composite module. Is there any way to do two module renders in one instance of the plugin?

No, since they’re separate modules, you need two instances of Mocha Pro. I’d even use two different tracks.


Hi Mary,

Ok, I tried that by copying the plugin onto another track but the location of the shapes doesn’t line up on the new track even though its the same shot. It was all created in the first instance. Any idea why it’s not lining up?

Hmm. Is it nested? Can you try nesting it?

There is a way to do this, but maybe not the best workflow. You could render one module inside the plug-in (for example render the insert module). Then you can export this to file and then import it back in and use as the base layer for rendering the Remove back to Avid.

It is cleaner to separate the Remove and Insert to different instances, but it is possible.

I tried nesting on two different tracks and then on a separate track with no luck. Why would nesting possibly help?

Ok, thx Ross.

Nesting can sometimes remove interference from other plugins, or other factors that can trip plugins up in Avid. That is why I suggested trying it.

Ahhh, I didn’t know that