Render Wizard option?

I think I know the answer to this, but here goes…

Is there anyway to render out a clip that contains both the bg plate and a layer that’s been tracked?

I know mocha is being marketed as a tracking station and not a composite station, but I was just after a “down-and-dirty” clip to show a proof of concept without having to do a comp in shake or other.

Hmmm, Yes - I think you know the answer :slight_smile:

We’d seriously be trampling on Monet’s toes if we allowed render of the insert.

The export of tracking data and comping in other apps is so easy though?

If you really want a “down-n-dirty” solution, why not screen capture the OpenGL preview?

Is it possible to render out just the placement image in position, or is it just ‘data’ export from Mocha?