Rendering 2 removes at the same time in Premiere

Hi there. First of all i am very happy with mocha for premiere and removes are easy to accomplish and look great. Awesome work!

I have some shots in my timeline where i have to perform multiple removes per clip.
I would like to know: whats the best workflow to achieve that?

I thought about creating a background layer which covers both remove areas (but these are two completely different planes/perspectives) so i am not quite sure if that would work?

Basically i want to close Mocha, select “remove” and hit render to timeline for 2 removes at the same time.

Hi there!

It is entirely possible to remove more than one thing at a time, you just need to structure the layers so they have foreground and background overlapping in the right order.
If you have an example frame and can point out what you want to remove we can recommend the best way to do this.

You can also stack Mocha Remove effects (by nesting Premiere layers and applying another plugin), but we generally don’t recommend this as the render time would be quite high feeding the output of one render to another render.

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Hi Martin :slight_smile:
Yes i thought about “stacking” the effect but as you mentioned this is kind of a hassle.

I included two screenshots. One showing how my shot (tripod, no movement) looks like and with 1 of the 3 removes applied/rendered (bottom right). The other shows the additional areas where i want to apply a remove to (red mattes: want to paint out a bit of the reflection and “flies” that are reflected there, blue mattes: flies outside of the window and some dirt on the window)


If you don’t want to stack in mocha, you can just stack the effects in premiere. Just make a few instances of the Mocha Pro plugin and have them render. That should also work.