Rendering 3 matte layers over bkg insert Mocha 4

Mocha 4. I’m inserting a number on a box in the background. Camera is locked down. 3 people, arms, legs, head, obstruct the inserted number. I have been able to track masks successfully and now would like to render full clip. I can only see the correct result of one mask at a time by highlighting one mask at a time. I can’t view or render all of them together inside of Mocha 4. I’m searching through tutorials and can’t find this specific workflow.

When I highlight layer 2…only layer 2’s mask is functional (disables masks 3,4), etc.

How do I render these out all at once?

Hi there,

The gear is the action item in mocha, turn the gears on for all layers that you want to render in the insert tab. In the track tab, the gears mean those layers are tracking. In a tab like insert and remove, they are rendering gears.


Will do. Thanks Mary.

it’s saying it can’t find the quicktime file…this is a hard program to figure out when it comes to exporting rendered quicktimes.

Can you send me a screenshot?