Rendering artifacts in remove module

I’m working on a removal.

The subject has an hanky in the pocket and i need to remove it. Tracked the pants background (blue shape), the pocket border (green) and the hanky area (red).
Then i defined a cleanplate with a cleaned pants background that covers also the border, just to be sure i have enough patch to cover everything.
But when rendering i get an artifact, like the pocket border interferes in some way. I expected the white artifact to be filled with the cleanplate content. Looks like the artifact follows in width the pants movement, in some way.

I tried with adding or subtracting shapes in various combinations but nothing helps.

What i’m missing?

Thanks! Umberto

On your clean plate input panel, is the frame set to ALL or the specific frame that you painted?

I think this artifact is coming from lighting changes on the pocket. I would suggest for this to remove the pocket seam, marker, and hanky all in one remove with linear illumination modeling and then roto the pocket seam back over the top on a different layer. It will be easier than trying to use illumination modeling with a bunch of high contrast colors right next to one another.

Can you try that and let me know if it solves your problem for you?


@rosss: good point. The clean plate was set to specific frame. I set it to ALL but now the patch renders still, it doesn’t follow the “Fondo tasca” tracking

@maryp: If i got it right, you are suggesting to first render a complete new clip without the pocket then using this new clip as input to insert the original pocket seam?


Not quite, no insert needed, just roto.

I am saying fully remove the pocket seam and contents, use illumination modeling to get the lighting right, and then just roto the pocket seam back over the top.

You’re using the plugin so it would look like this in your host:
ROTO LAYER <—Mocha Pro roto
REMOVE LAYER <— Mocha Pro remove

Does that make sense?

Yep it does Mary!

I built a two phase graph where the first mocha node is the remove and the second mocha node is a mask generator with the pocket seam shape. After merging with the original footage the result is quite nice. I used no illumination model because even with linear when the elbow is near the patch some artifacts are rendered. Think i’ll grade the shadow in post on the coloring page.
If i pixel peep i notice that the patched surface now is too much in plane with the pocket seam, like if they were the same piece of fabric but considering that this is not the view focus of the clip i call it quite acceptable.

Thanks so much Mary!

Great! I am glad that fixed your issue for you! Though I see your host uses nodes and not layers so whoops… :wink: But I am glad you were able to translate that to nodes.

Thank you :slight_smile: