Rendering error

Hi friends,
I’ve recently upgraded Continuum from 2020 to version 2021. All ok except for PI: when
I apply an effect on a clip and preview , all it’s ok BUT, when I render the clip with the PI efx, the final result is a JERKY CLIP…
Thanks in advantage
(Rome - Italy)

What is the final rendered format? You’re rendering from your host application?

Hi Alan,
Today I did a new test: if I render with Vegas the video is shaky. If I render from the PI screen, everything is ok !!!
So is the latter the right procedure? Thanks

Can you post a short example clip of the Vegas output? I’m not sure what you mean by “shaky”.


I didn’t post about that.


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I wonder if it’s related to interlaced media projects in Vegas Pro … Pasquale, are you working in Vegas Pro with interlaced or progressive media?