Rendering in Mocha Pro 2021/ Hitfilm Pro 16

Hi, I am having problem’s trying to render out of the Mocha Pro OFX for windows to my host programme Hitfilm Pro. I had a similar problem when I upgraded last time, and Martin Brennand solved it for me.Since I installed the latest update I cannot use the Insert Module nor the Remove module it all worked perfectly before then. I have a video of what is happening should you wish to see it, it is too large for Email.

I think this is a problem we are working on but let me confirm with @martinb

Thanks Mary, hope it is sorted soon. Please keep me informed if is not too much trouble…Rick

Martin won’t be back in until Sunday our time due to Australia time. We will let you know as soon as we can.

Thank you maam

Hey there,

Can you list out the specific problem so we can go over it please?
The video of course will help.


Hi, this is the 3 main problems I am having with Mocha Pro OFX for Windows that have happened since I installed the latest update.the first is what i get when i try to render an insert in my host programme Hitfilm Pro.the insert has disappeares.
The . second is a clip of what i get if i try to render anything out of Mocha not so bothered about that i render out in Hitfilm mainly. and the 3rd is what i get if i try to make a clean plate.I use Affinity Photo to get the clean plate as i have always done,and it is working fine with everything i do, except when it comes to Mocha.When i use the remove tool i get a good clean outake and render in hitfilm,when i play it it is only1 frame, but when i export it it works perfectly well.This is the second time i have had problems the first was when i renewed my subscription and now with the update. Hopefully you can help me with this

Hi, any idea what’s going on yet ?

Hi there,

You need to give us access to the video so we can see it.
I’ve sent a request.

Hi Martin, the video I did is called Liverpool sign, of you want one of each problem I can make them let me know…Rick


Since there are three issues here, let’s go through them one at a time.

Let’s deal with the Remove issue first. When you say you “play and it’s only 1 frame”, can you elaborate?
What are you seeing the Remove module and the HitFilm timeline when you render?

Yes when I render it and try to play back nothing moves until i export it then it works fine

Sorry Rick, this still isn’t clear: Are you saying playing back everything (both in Mocha and in HitFilm) only shows one still image? Is it the frame you rendered the clean plate on?
Can you show me a video of the remove module not rendering anything but one frame?
Are you rendering forwards across the whole shot?

No doing a short video to let you see brb

Thanks for sending the video.

What is happening there is Hitfilm is trying to keep up with realtime playback, but isn’t giving Mocha a chance to render the frames.
If you want to see the full render, hit the “Preview” button instead (The play button in the circle), which will prerender the entire timeline.
Keep in mind a full render in Mocha doesn’t equate to a full render in the host timeline. The host will always re-render the frames and cache them independently of Mocha.

Hi , i got everything working earlier, Clean Plates working perfect found the problem with both that and the problem with the insert rendering. it was Hitfilm’s fault somehow it was working on 16 bit float when it should have been working on 8 bit integer. that’s what also caused the colour cast issue. Only 1 more thing, somehow when i was testing the mocha render module it was working great now i dont know why it tells me all my files are corrupted everything else in Mocha is working great, Have you any idea how to fix this?..Best Regards Rick

This problem is because you’re not giving the exporter a file name. That field appears to only have a folder name, not a movie file.

You need something like “C:\Video\” instead of just “C:\Video”

Having said that, we should be catching this and telling you what you need to do rather than trying to write an empty file. I’ll flag that part as a defect.