Renders. and Adjusted Masks Aren't Properly Saved?

Spent more than a few hours hand arranging points on a spline and doing renders all frame by frame of course (remove w/cleanplate) (If you are going to ask why, it’s because I can’t get a good track on something moving toward the camera dropping down out of frame and coming back up). Saved project. Next day, loaded up project and lo! not one render to be found. OK, no big deal as at least the handiwork of the masking was still in place so just re-render and resume the tedium. Except it wasn’t. The mask in no way represented the multi-pointed thing I had been dealing with. Background info: Now even though I didn’t get a good track, I took what I got and went to work hand manipulating it frame by frame. Since the object being tracked is quite large, the spline got crazy when the track object disappeared. “Crazy” means super long spline sides as it tried to track the disappearing object. Used many of these points through adjustment. The problem: What seems to have happened is that all the changes disappeared and in their place is a “simpler” mask. It appears this “simpler” mask was arrived at by a bunch of pins being grouped together and moved to either left or right depending on…what?, along a spline line established at the beginning frame for the remove effort. So I guess the questions are: when doing a project save, are the renders saved; are the adjusted masks saved; why do renders not appear and masks are altered when loading a saved project? Needless to say, I’m less than thrilled with having to adjust a mess of points again (which won’t happen until something is resolved even if it’s user error); I could live with a re-rendering if the masking would only stay intact.

I’ll need a few points answered to help find out what is going on here:

  1. Which version of mocha are you using?
  2. Are you using a plugin or standalone version?
  3. Are you retaining caches on exit?

If you are getting distorted track data then in some situations adjustment may not help and it might be easier to track another section, but I’m not sure what you mean by a simpler mask.

If you can show us either screen shots to help visualise the problem or send us the project itself, it may help us to further solve the problem: martinb[at]

  1. 5.0.1

  2. Standalone

  3. Caches aren’t cleared on exit; however, there is some disk cleanup software that runs periodically. I’ve asked this be disabled based on the question. (What is proper handling of caches?)

  4. Your question regarding simpler mask caused me to look more closely at what happened. 592.jpg ( shows the tight groups of points, left and right, mentioned earlier. This is what I was thinking was a simpler mask because of the grouping of points that were originally at various points on the leaves. Now these points appear to be ones added (point insertion tool) at various frames to account for the complexity of leaf contour (the objective is to replace poles, hills, etc. with flowers as in 552rendered.jpg ( The points that are not tightly grouped seem to be ones used (adjusted) from the original track. (Not all points from that track were used; you can see the dashed lines from some that weren’t and these represent the ones identified by the highly technical term “crazy”):wink: With this realization, I thought oh, my bad, of course points added in, say frame 500, will show up, in, say frame 590 but not as they were placed in frame 500. Unfortunately, scrubbing down the timeline shows that, while indeed the points move, they fail to arrive at the same position that they were originally created at (frame number wise). This is shown in 583.jpg ( where the points of the leaves are unprotected due to the grouping (easiest seen on the left) of added points. However, when we get far enough down the line, the points seem to work on getting closer to the original position. This is shown in the unrendered form of 552.jpg ( With this, it seems that the collective effect of adding points, adding more points, at various times, fails to preserve position until the spread between them becomes more “meaningful”. Alternate theory: points added do not behave in the same manner as points created by tracking.

Hope this helps; if more needed, please let me know.



Unless you’ve changed the settings, we store the caches at a particular location. If your disk clean up happens to clear temp caches this may be the cause.

Check in preferences for the cache location and make sure that location is not being touched.

Splines points added after animating the spline will try to conform to the other key frames, so what you are seeing is correct: The points are moving back into position along the spline.

On frame 583 it looks like you are getting a distorted track. Those blue dotted lines moving off into the distance suggest a very distorted layer.
Are you tracking the flower in perspective, or just using shear?

I emailed you about the remove method, as I think this shot may be easier to do via keying, as the shot is fairly locked off.

Thank you for the help on this. It’s pretty embarrassing to think you can diagnose software errors when it all amount to user error. Hope I can become as solid as Mocha is by upping the training game.