Repeat color rendering issues


Not sure if this is a known issue, but particles are not rendering properly when Repeat color is used with Alpha Type - Full Gradient.
I followed this tutorial.

I’m using latest version: Particle Illusion 2023.
I’ve also attached the project I used.
Or maybe it’s just me not using the right settings. (24.5 KB)

This is a bug – thank you for reporting it!

Actually, I’ve looked into it, and the problem is that the alpha gradient has 2 stops on top of each other.

Grab the first stop (the one at the left of the alpha gradient) and drag to the right – once there is separation between the first and second stops (both are black) the problem goes away. (Or drag that second stop down out of the gradient to delete it)


So, from what you’re saying I understand that this a corner case issue: there are 2 stops are position 0.
I tried deleting the second stop, but it doesn’t fix the issue.
I cannot delete, nor drag the first stop and I was not able to separate the first 2 stops which are stacked on Z axis.
The only option left for me to redo the project. (which is fine)

Sorry, I didn’t realize that you couldn’t fix this in 2023!

Some changes have been made in the gradient editor 2023.5 – one of them is that you CAN drag the stop that is at the left side of the gradient. (Another is a button to evenly space all stops, which fixes the 2 stops overlapping issue)

I think I can fix the project file for you so you don’t have to redo it. Let me know!


I can confirm that there is no issue when I don’t have 2 stops are position 0.

Redoing the project was not a big issue, I want to learn the VFX suite anyway (as a hobby).
Either you meant 2022.5 or 2023.5 is still is development is not publicly available yet.
But those 2 features, allowing to drag the left side stop and evenly spacing the stops, are a great addition. :+1:

We did a livestream recently with a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2023.5:


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