Repeatable crashing of AE with shape data on clipboard

  1. AfterFX 15.0.0 (Build 180)
  2. Mocha Pro Plugin 5.6.0 build 1601.gcc41335b663b (which I just updated to today and started having these issues)
  3. Ryzen1800X, GTX1080, Windows10, 32GB RAM

When exiting mocha to return to AE with shape data on my clipboard AE instantly crashes. Reloading AE with the data still on the clipboard instantly crashes AE when it finishes loading, displaying “After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was: <6204> <5> ProcessFrom MAIN requested_sync: 4, proj=1”

If I remove the clipboard data (copy any random bit of text) and reload AE it loads fine. After loading, if I copy the same shape data (which I dumped to a notepad before copying some random text) it crashes AE as soon as I hit Ctrl+C and then click on AE to give it focus. This seems to confirm that it is the presence of the data on the clipboard that is causing the crashes.

The clipboard content is in this text file: Dropbox - crashingdata.txt - Simplify your life

To reproduce the error:

  1. Open AE
  2. Download text file and open it
  3. Copy contents of text file to clipboard
  4. Click on AE to give it focus
  5. Observe crash

Updated AE to build 116 and it now no longer crashes

This was a clipboard error in AE and is fixed in more recent versions.