Replace Existing Tracked Clip

I thought I already posted this, but it doesn’t appear in the forum. Not sure what happened, but if it’s a double-post I apologize.

Let me see if I can boil down my question and see how that goes. Can I import a new clip into a project and use existing Mocha track and mask layers on this new clip? The new clip is identical except that it’s not as tall. The file I tracked it on was slightly stretched vertically. I was looking to see if I could do a “replace footage” deal like AE and Premiere.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Alex,

You can paste the shapes on to a new layer thats the same size as the footage you tracked and then you can alter the size down to the non-stretched height and use that as a masking layer in AE, but if your aspect ratio is changed you’re going to have a hard time lining the data up with a simple replace.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


OK, so I dropped my 4K into a 1080 comp and exported that. Now I have the proper letter bars. I see the Import function, but no matter what I do, I’m able to copy anything in Mocha. I can now see both clips in the “Clip” tab drop-down. If I select the letter bar version here and go back to the “Track” tab, the existing layers don’t function at all. I’m not finding any way to copy and paste.

I knew I should have finished reading the manual!

I mean you can paste the Data in After Effects, not in mocha. You need to create a masking layer and paste your mocha shapes on to the proper sized comp and use that as your masking layer. I am sorry, I should have been more clear.

You can also use a solid and precomp it with your proper masks,at the proper size, and drop that into your correct comp. Then you can adjust the size of the precomp.

Do you see what I mean?