Replace one particle with another or copy keyframes?

Is it possible to replace one particle type with another?

Alternatively, is it possible to copy keyframes from one particle to another?

I’ve got a path that I’ve keyframed and I’d like to see what it looks like with different stock fx before I start customizing anything in detail.

No, there’s no emitter “replace” feature yet. I can’t think of a workaround for this either, unless maybe you have the plugin version and create the emitter motion in Mocha – then you can reuse the Mocha project for different emitters (I think).

@Alan_Lorence Thanks. Yes, I could sort of do what I’m thinking by leveraging mocha though I’d have to do the keyframing in the host (VP) since one can’t keyframe the emitter offset in mocha. This is one of those cases where the keyframing for animation is better in PI than in Mocha but then maybe I shouldn’t be trying to use mocha as an animation tool