Replacement image is dissappearing and moving

Newbie - working with Mocha AE not pro.

I have watched a couple of hours of videos but still at a lost. Contacted Boris FX for help but Neal just told me to watch videos.

I have manually tracked a video (539 frames) of a hotel door opening with a number on it. I want to replace the number with a different number. After tracking, I close Mocha and continue in AE. I place my new number on the composition in layers and then I track the data and select the layer in the layer screen- there is only one option.

I then go to the layer export and I have corner pin with motion blur and the layer of the new number and source. When I click this my image disappears and has added an animation to it?

I have redone it multiple times but still getting the same result? I would appreciate any advise?

I bet your image isn’t the same size as the comp. I do have one more video for you to watch, but only because it is much easier to show you what the issue is. Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

If you are using Adobe After Effects, the target layer you are pasting data to should also be the same size as your AE composition. A good After Effects troubleshooting tip: create a new solid that is the same size as your composition. Paste your track or roto shape data to this layer. If it lines up, you need to follow the instructions in the video I liked in order to solve your problem. If it doesn’t line up, since you’re in the plugin it’s unlikely there is a project settings mismatch and it’s much more likely the surface tool is in the wrong place.

If you have any more questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help you.


You have a different set up altogether…

I circled the part where I don’t have this option in Mocha. I do make the new image fit to comp prior to applying layer export. My new image is disappearing not being resized.

I understand, sometimes it disappears if it goes offscreen. My setup is not the takeaway from that video, the takeaway is the target layer and the size of it.

But seeing that you are using an older version where you can copy and paste data, it may also be that you are not putting it on the right frame. Please make sure you are pasting in on the first frame.

Did you try the troubleshooting with the new solid layer at the same size as the comp?

I am not pasting at all. I have only control in the effects panel. I don’t know what you mean by older as I am using Adobe AE CC 2020? I am getting the same result every time.

Ah, that’s from the video and not your setup, I see. OK, so again, whether you copy and paste the data or apply it via the plugin shouldn’t make much difference at all, it’s two different ways of doing the same thing. The issue will most likely be a resolution mismatch. Have you tried putting it on a target layer the same size as the comp (in this case a solid as suggested)? I need to know that to continue to troubleshoot further.

If you can include a screenshot of your results that would be helpful.

Below are the screen shots in order as I go through the process after closing Mocha. I made the new image into a new comp and made sure it fits to the comp as you can see in the 2nd picture. Then I click Layer Export and then the image disappears.

OK, that is helpful. Thank you. When you make the precomp, are you checking the checkbox for “move all attributes into the new composition”?

Yes I am.

OK, can you show me what it looks like on a solid that is the same size as your comp? Un-precomped, just a regular solid.

This is the new comp with a green solid. Fit to comp.

Better picture with Anchor Point and Position shown:

I see your precomp. I just want to see the data pasted onto a solid. And composited on top so I can see what it is doing.

Which data?

I want you to take your corner pin and paste it onto a solid where I can see what the solid is doing. Please make a new layer at the top of your comp that is a solid the same size as the footage and comp and then apply the tracking data like you are doing on the precomp and see if it a) disappears or b) is the wrong size. If it is in the right place, then we know to start troubleshooting what you are doing with that comp.

I am sorry you keep saying paste it and I don’t even have that control to copy and paste and that part is confusing when I don’t have that option to copy and paste the corner pin.

You do have the option to apply it. I am sorry that is confusing. Let me be extra clear on the steps.

You need to apply your corner pin tracking data from Mocha AE. Here is a breakdown for Controlling Tracking Data.

If you have a tracked layer in Mocha you can see the output of its surface back in the After Effects interface. Each point in the Tracking Data section is a point from the layer surface that automatically updates when you modify it inside Mocha.

  1. To choose a layer to create tracking data from, click the ‘Create Track Data’ button in the Tracking Data section of the plugin.
  2. Then choose the layer you want to read tracking data from in the dialog that appears. You can only choose one layer at a time.
  3. Once you click okay, the plugin will generate keyframes to populate the tracking parameters in the plugin. You can then use this data to copy to other layers, or link via expressions.
  4. Generating keyframe data can take some time for very long shots. You can cancel generation at any time when the progress bar appears.

Applying Tracking Data Exports to Other layers is just as easy.

The plugin interface also allows you to apply tracking data to other layers without needing to export from the Mocha GUI.

  1. Do do this, you generate the tracking data from a layer, as described above in Controlling Tracking Data.
  2. You can then choose an export option at the bottom of the Tracking Data section. Your options are…
  3. Your first option is a Corner Pin: which is a standard corner pin effect
  4. Your second option Corner Pin that Supports Motion Blur: which is a corner pin distortion with separate scale, rotation and position.
  5. Your third options is a Transform: which exports Scale, position and rotation only
  6. Clicking ‘Apply Export’ then copies the information to the specified layer.

here it is only exported the layer onto a new solid

You can barely see the outline of the new solid after exporting layer so I put arrows pointing out the lines