Replacing current clip with a longer clip

Is it possible to replace a tracked clip with a longer clip that might need further tracking at the head and/or tail? Is there a way to shift the track keyframes to re-sync with the longer clip?

The show I’m working on frequently re-uses shots, but often the shot will be longer in the later cut. It would be really useful if I could simply bring the longer clip into the old Mocha track, shift the keyframes over to re-sync, and then continue tracking into the extended heads or tails of the clip.

I’m sorry if this is an obvious thing that I should know how to do, but every attempt I have made to do this has not worked.

Thank you for any help.


If you’re using the latest mocha AE, you should be able to adjust the clip length in the project settings (file>project settings). If you are using an older version of AE and mocha the workflow might be a little different and you’ll have to adjust the settings in the clip tab and use the dope sheet to move your keyframes ahead in the timeline.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.