Replacing project sequence with deffirent length

Hi guys.
We always work on shots with 10-20 frame handles but even then sometimes the client changes the edit after the fact and we’re faced with a situation where we already have a shot tracked in Mocha but now we need the same shot but longer.
Now there is a way to replace the original source sequence with a new one, and then we can change the project properties to make the project longer to incorporate the additional frames. It’s doable but jankie :wink:
But that works only when the first frame of the new sequence is the same as the original - only the end of the shot got longer.
But if the new sequence actual begins earlier than the original one - I’m not even aware if it is possible to get it into an already tracked project so that it works.

Can we please get a tool for this?
Like “Replace the source sequence”.
It would be a floating window.
From the top of my head, it would have a file picker and a start frame offset spinner.
Now if we pick the new sequence and it is the same clip as before - same naming just the frame range different - it should automatically populate the start frame offset and obviously adjust the project length accordingly.
If the name is different, we have to set the offset manually.
Also here comes the reason for a floating window - setting the offset will be error prone, so it would be nice to set it, apply it, scroll the CTI to see how tracks are matching the new sequence, if something is of, we can set a different offset, apply, and again check if it works now.
After it’s all done, press OK and close the window.

Pretty please :slight_smile:

You can offset at the head of the shot using the dope sheet:

  1. Relink the longer shot
  2. Go to the dopesheet
  3. Drag the playhead where you want to offset the keys
  4. Click “Move to Playhead”

But I like your idea of providing more options in the relink dialog to avoid this.