Request, if poss one day to have save without having to exit?

Hi, one day if it’s poss could we just Save but not Exit Mocha,
so the spline can be tweaked, saved, then reviewed in the host,
tweaked again in Mocha, saved, then reviewed in the host again,
just switching backwards & forwards between host & Mocha without having to relaunch Mocha each time an alteration is made?

Sorry, but I’m not following this too well. I’ve always found that splines can be adjusted within Mocha Pro’s timeline without having to first save/exit them back to the host. I’ve many a time moved spline nodes in Mocha Pro with the only but understandable annoyance being having to do another adjustment at the next keyframe. Maybe I’m not fully understanding the problem here.

Yep you can do all that in Mocha, Save then Exit & play your project in the host, AE Vegas or whatever,
Not all layers & effects show in Mocha so … after doing the initial Mocha spline work, tracking roto etc & Saving then Exit,
back in the host if you want to adjust the spline you have to re-Launch Mocha, do the adjustments, Save & Exit again to see how in looks on the host timeline, if it doesn’t look right you have to again re-Launch Mocha, do the adjustments, Save & Exit again,… If there’s 4 adjustments to make, that’s 4 times you have re-launch Mocha,
I want to be able to view the host timeline & have Mocha open, play the host timeline with all other layers & effects showing, if adjustments to the spline or tracking are needed all I’d have to do is switch windows, make the adjustments in Mocha, Save, then switch back & review it in the host without having to Exit Mocha,

Have you tried looking at the matte “cutout” inside of Mocha to check and see if the roto looks correct? This can save some time. But right now, what you are asking is roundtripping splines with tracking data and that is currently not possible.

Hi n thanks, It got me thinking the other day, I right click an event in Vegas - Edit in Vegas Effects or Hitfilm, i do the editing in one of those two, save, but i don’t have to close them to be able to see the results back in Vegas, I can wait, maybe one day :+1:

cutout” inside of Mocha? sorry i can’t find that,
is it somewhere on here . ?

Up where your matte view controls are, you can adjust the image to view the masked pixels.

Unfortunately at the moment, the entire plugin process relies on the dialog being modal (i.e you can’t interact with the host while the UI is open).

I understand the need for this though. It would be much nicer to be able to run both windows simultaneously for the feedback loop.

The only real way to do side-by-side VFX work is via the standalone application, but then you’re limited to exporting specific data formats, which aren’t supported for all hosts (for example Vegas).

The trade off for a more flexible plugin is having to close it to see the update in the timeline.