Reset License

I’ve in the past,bought Continuum Unit Beauty Studio (2018) and then ran into a problem of re-installing it on my computer. I could not because of “too many activations” or a similar error message. It was never resolved.
I’ve since bought Continuum Complete Perpetual 2020 in 2019 (updated to 2021, but now support has lapsed).

I see that there is a Reset License in my Account for Continuum Complete OFX.

What does this “Reset License” do? I plan on rebuilding my computer with new hard drives and would like to know the process of reinstalling Continuum.


When you run the Continuum uninstaller program, which is installed by default on your system when you install the software, during the process you will be prompted to either deactivate the key or to keep the key active on that system. In your case, I’d deactivate it but make sure that you have your serial number available to you so that you can use it with the new installation. Then install the Continuum software on the new HD and activate the key on that system.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Peter!
Next year, reinstalling Win10, Vegas 18, Boris, etc., on new hard drives.

I’ll try and let you know.

So a reinstall appears to have resolved the red X problem. So far so good. What might be keeping the HUD from showing up?

I do not see the Continuum uninstaller program in Win10 Start button list. See screenshot below.
Is it the unins000.exe file located in this location? C:\Program Files\BorisFX\ContinuumOFXBoris Win10 Dir

To uninstall Continuum on Windows, go to the main Windows Control Panel and choose Uninstall a Program and select your Boris FX Continuum flavor.

So can also deactivate the license without uninstalling in order to make it available on another machine or on a rebuilt machine by choosing the Deactivate option in the Boris FX Windows Start menu option (in your screenshot above). The software will still be installed but will watermark at that point, and the license would be free to move to a different machine.

Thank you for the clarification!
Much appreciated!

je viens de voir votre sujet, j’ai moi-même un soucis concernant l’installation des unités Film Style Unit, Image Restoration Unit et Continuum Particles Unit, celles-ci étaient incluses dans Vegas Pro 18 Suite que j’ai installé sur un premier ordinateur et que je souhaite installer sur un second PC (portable) est-il possible de les utiliser sur deux ordinateurs?
En vous remerciant.

Boris can only be installed on one computer… sorry!