Resetting scale?

I’m tracking a surface in Mocha and copy/pasting the transform (corner pin) data into AE CC2014. The surface aligns perfectly with the shot.

However, the corner pin is scaling the layer too much (>500%) and it looks terrible. The source footage I’m tracking is 1080/24p. And the image I’m corner pinning is also 1080p. And the insert image is never large in the scene. At it’s maximum size, it’s never bigger than 45% in the shot. I’ve tried collapsing transforms in AE, but the corner pin position shifts out of alignment when Collapse Transforms is turned on.

So why is Mocha telling AE to scale the image 500%? Is there a way to reset the scale in Mocha? Or tell it never to scale more than 100%? ( For example, at frame 200 – the maximum size it’s ever in the scene – tell Mocha the image should be 100%?)

Can you send me a screenshot of the whole screen with the details opened up in the effects panel and the layer itself in AE? It’s hard to tell what could be wrong without seeing it.

Please either post a linked image here or send it to me in email,