Resize PI screen in Vegas Pro

I am using Vegas Pro 18. I own Continuum 2021 Complete.
In the Video Event FX window with BCC Particle Illusion selected, if I click on the Launch Particle Illusion button, it opens full screen with no way to resize it like the other BCC windows.
There is no Maximize/Restore Down or Minimize option in the upper right corner of the PI window workspace.

Is this by design?

It is not by design. There are issues sometimes with multiple monitors, particular mixed resolution monitors. Do you have multiple monitors attached? If so what resolutions and scale factors are they using? As a workaround can you choose View->Load Layout Default or use the shortcut CTRL+1 for that option to reset the view?

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I do have two monitors. One is UHD 4K at 125%, the other is 1080HD at 100%.

The Vegas editing window is on the UHD 4K monitor.

Unfortunately, Ctrl +1 didn’t work leaving the PI UI at full screen with no way to resize it.

Thanks for the updated info. We will dig into this.

I opened the standalone version on my UHD 4K desktop, and saw the same thing. No way to resize or minimize the PI window.
Using Continuum Complete 2021

To exit, I have to go to File>Quit Particle Illusion.

I can Alt-tab to go to other windows, but still the PI window takes up the entire screen.
Using OFX Continuum, and version number for PI is

So what happens if you make particle illusion the current selection, then use the keyboard shortcuts Control+1, 2, 3 … does this change the layout? Can you drag the window from the lower right corner to resize and then reposition the window?

We’ve identified one issue with the UI menu bar disappearing on some multi-rez monitor setups and I’m wondering if this is related. Do you have multiple monitors attached to this system? If so, are they all set to the same resolution?

And what about the standalone version of particle illusion … is that behaving in the same way?


Hi Peter,
Yes, a multi monitor set up. UHD 4K and 1080HD.
Editing is done on the 4K monitor.

When I open the Standalone version, still not able to resize the screen. It takes up the full screen.
Using Ctrl +1-3 only resizes (within the full size PI window) the view of the preview windows and not the PI main window at all.

The workaround for me has been to disconnect the 1080 monitor from the computer. Then I can resize the PI main window to what ever size I want and have the Min, Restore down, and Close options available.

If I resize PI to something smaller than full screen on the 4K monitor, exit PI, and restart it, it appears as I left it and now have those controls are on the upper right corner of the PI toolbar. I can now even drag PI to the 1080 monitor if I want.

This screenshot is what I see if I open PI full screen on the 4K monitor previously.

Great! Sounds like it’s working for you now. Glad to hear that.


There is another workaround you can try in this situation when the Particle Illusion menu bar is not displayed on Windows:

-Hover the mouse over the PI app icon in the the OS taskbar at the bottom of the screen). Let it hover for a second or two.
-You will see a thumbnail view of the app window show up after hovering
-Right click on that thumbnail view. (Note you’re not clicking on the app icon in the taskbar but instead right clicking on the thumbnail that pops up after hovering.)
-This should pop up a Windows menu with options for Restore/Minimize/etc. Choosing Restore should then let you move PI to the alternate monitor.


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Thanks Jason!
Never knew that!

I’m hopping in with the same problem in After Effects with multi monitor and screwed up title bar. The program also will only let me preview presets, cannot load or adjust anything. I will post in my own thread, but wanted to let you know that it isn’t Vegas only

Yup dual monitors did not enable me to mouse the drop down menus or close the program. Ctrl+1 works :smile:

I have the same problem, the programme PI 20121 The programme really struggles with multiple monitors. I have two, both the smae make same res. None of the above solutions work. Being trying to sort it for a couple of hours now. Anyone any idea when this might be dealt with?

Can you try something for me please? Launch PI (standalone or plugin) and then use the View pulldown menu and select Enter Full Screen. Then use the View menu and select Load Layout: Default. From there you might want to exit full screen and shrink the UI just slightly so that the next time it launches it doesn’t attempt to go to full screen. Could you please let me know if this helps? And if it doesn’t work on one monitor, could you please try that on the other monitor?


Just press Windows + down (Restore) each time after you open it and it’ll be fine after
(Sorry, don’t know the equivalent on a Mac)