Resizing clips

For many years I have used Mocha Pro and then Mocha OFX, problem I am having now for no reason I can think of is when I send corner pin data across to Hitfilm and start to edit it, it now comes over too large and I have to try resize it and when played it jumps up to the import size again
and more timed than not it will not stay in
position, all compositions are the same dimensions, Any idea why?

Are you working in a proxy mode in HitFilm?
What version of Hitfilm and Mocha are you using?

Hi Martin, I am using Mocha OFX 2020 for Windows, but all ok now I am sorry to have bothered you.the data still comes into Hitfilm and has to be resized ; I can just drag it down and it fits and stay’s in position. It used to come perfect size , but ok. Thank’s for the speedy reply.
Best Regards

That’s the thing: It shouldn’t. Is the footage scaled in the comp?

Hi Martin this is a new thing.i get everything perfect no drift or anything like that the track is solid,but when I take my data over into Hitfilm it is 2/3 times the size.The only way I can get it to fit is to scale it down.If it persist’s I will send you a still or a small video of the whole procedure if it will help…Rick

No the footage is not scaled in the comp…Rick