Resolve and VR insert

Hi, I’m using a demo of latest continuum VR modules and trying to insert logo, but every time I try adding BCC VR Insert to footage node, as per your video instruction) the footage becomes a small curved square in middle of screen instead of small black curved rectangle forming in centre of footage. I’ sure it’s something simple but I’m stumped.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, Nick,

Can you provide some additional context?

Are you using the latest version - Continuum 11.0.3?

Which host are you using?

Can you perhaps include a screenshot of how you are applying it in the host?


Hi Jason,
I’m using 11.0.3 as a plugin in Davinci Resolve Pro 15!
Ive included screen shots of how it looks on Borisfx ‘how to’ video and how mine looks (mine’s the one with the tiny square).
Sorry forgot to point out, I am evaulating a demo version.


Hi, Nick,

I believe that tutorial you describe was from an earlier version of Continuum 11. In 11.0.3 we tweaked the VR Insert workflow to make it easier to use - particularly if you want multiple inserts over the same background. I don’t have a readily available video tutorial for that workflow in Resolve, but one may be in the works. In the meantime you can do the following.

-In the Edit pane, put the VR background on V1 and put the clip you want to insert over it on V2.
-Go to the color pane and apply VR Insert to the clip you want to insert. (Note, apply it to the foreground insert clip, NOT to the VR background. This may contradict what you saw in earlier tutorials.)
-Right click in an empty part of the node graph and select Add Alpha Output
-Connect the alpha output from the VR Insert node to the main output of the node graph.
-Depending on how you applied the VR Insert effect you might need to right click the effect node and choose Use OFX Alpha.
-That should give you your inserted clip composited over the background with proper VR warping.
-Note that if the insert clip should have an alpha channel you will further need to right click in the insert node and select Add Matte and add the clip to itself as the matte. You might then need to pipe that alpha channel into any downstream alpha nodes.

The exact details can vary since there are multiple ways to set up the node graph in Resolve which will yield the same final result. This should be you most of the way there however.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply, I have done that and it works …sort of, I can move the logo and create my nadir. But I cant use the preview mode, which is fine in this case but if I wanted to put a logo over a building or something , it would be very hard to position correctly with out a preview view. Also, when I go back to edit pane and want to reorientate base clip I can’t see effect on logos.

Thanks again,