Resolve Fusion: certain effects using last selected clip, instead of current

5800x, 3060 ti, Windows, Resolve Studio 17

i have an issue with certain effects using the last selected clip, instead of current selected… when first previewing (upon changing clips in the fusion tab)

the effect will update properly on the next frame, but the issue effects delivery for multiple clips

i’ve even recreated this issue across two different projects (when loading new projects. giving me a frame from the old project)

i have a second, much older computer; i have not been able to recreate any of these issues on.

it’s not every tool… but namely S_Blur, S_Brush, S_EdgeDetect that have the issue.
S_sketch does not have the issue.

the caching options or codecs don’t seem to matter
I have studio drivers.

switching to open CL seems to fix the issue (but is unusable for other reasons)
Using the Stand alone Fusion, also solves the problem (but poses other issues)

Setting the GPU to “no”, in the config text also seems to be a partial solution

i was wondering if this was a known issue, maybe with newer cards

-any suggestions? <thanks in adv

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