Resolve/Fusion specific questions

I haven’t purchased a license just yet because I am needing some more specific info regarding the plugin version of PI used in conjunction with Blackmagic’s Resolve & Fusion platforms.

  1. Does the PI plugin work in both DaVinci Resolve (DR) and Fusion Studio (FS)?

  2. In the tutorial video “Introduction to 3D”, at the end of the video it is stated, “there is also a Continuum version of the plugin that includes extra features in After Effects. Including 3D light and layer tracking, and text and mask paths for emitters.” Is this still exclusive to AE, or do these features now work with DR & FS?

Thanks in advance for the answers!

  1. Fusion is not a supported Continuum host, – PI does not work in Fusion.

  2. Those are still AE-only features.

That’s a bit of a bummer. Oh well. At least I can still leverage what’s available in the free version. Thanks!