Resolve OFX Plug-in Impressions

Pretty amazing.

When it was first announced that Si 2021 would be “full” Si instead of just Si Paint, I thought, “cool,” but it didn’t move the needle too much for me, as I was used to diligently exporting EXRs from color software and working in Si standalone.

Until! I was grading a routine documentary the other day and the client asked me to paint out a wart. At first I thought, well, I don’t have time to take this to Si. Then I recalled I could just try dropping the 2021 Si OFX plugin on a node in Resolve. In seconds I was in Si, and did the paint out in less than 5 minutes. Hit save, alt-tab back to Resolve, and I’m looking at a graded shot with the wart painted out and real time playback.

It’s honestly quite amazing, and makes the DI session like a poor man’s Flame session in many ways.

However, two issues:

-Resolve won’t “release SDI” when Si launches as a plug-in. That means, if you work in a DI suite like me, the client is in the dark while you clone stamp and auto-paint. Would love for that work to be displayed large screen on the projector so the client can feel her money at work. Resolve is actually better at relinquishing Decklink output than any other app, and in fact, when you use BorisFX’s new FX Editor, Resolve will release the DeckLink so you can audition your DFT film stocks for the client to see.

Not sure if this is on Blackmagic or BorisFX’s end but it is very important to be able to switch over the DeckLink output to Si when invoking the Si plugin.

Second, maybe bigger issue…the Si plugin is bypassed when rendering “as individual clips at source resolution with sizing disabled.” This is the go-to Premiere round trip workflow, so it’d be great to hammer this kink out.

My client who was amazed at the wart removal in session was then quite cranky when he was conforming under the gun and the wart was “back.” I had to specifically render just that one clip out as “Single Clip” in HD (source was 4K) without handles in order to get him that painted out shot.

Overall really amazing stuff.


Th external monitor support was check in Resolve, so I am not sure why you are having an issue. As far as I know, Silhouette uses the same method for external monitor output as the Continuum FX Editor. What OS/version are you running?

The issue with using a larger clip that is resized for the timeline resolution is that Silhouette is not a vector paint program. When you paint, you are painting at the resolution that is fed into Silhouette and the painted strokes are immediately rendered to disk. If you later change the resolution of the input clip, the previously painted strokes will not match up.

We have re-tested external monitor support for Silhouette running in Resolve on our machines and it is working as expected. Make sure you enable the external monitor icon and select a format.