Resolve timeline source node possible?

I’m aware of the rendering to timeline issues with Silhouette Paint inside Resolve but need to get around that somehow. I intended to render out of Silhouette which has been working, however I have color correction on the color page that needs to be included in the render. Is it possible to use the timeline as a source rather than importing footage?

On the Color page, add Silhouette Paint after the node that has been color corrected. The color corrected version will be fed into Silhouette Paint.

Hi Marco. Thanks for the quick reply. According to the user guide, in order to feed video into the paint node, I have to use a clip from the sources window.

Is there an “input” node that takes the timeline as its source?



You can apply Silhouette on the Resolve Edit page like any other effect, but it loads the raw source clip and ignores any other filters or modifications.

Yes, I’m fine with using Silhouette Paint on the color page (see attachment.)

I can’t figure out how to get the timeline into the paint node inside the plugin (See attached.)

I am not sure what you mean by this.

What exactly are you trying to do and what is your expectation?

I want my source clip to come from the resolve timeline, not an imported file.

Are you expecting any filters applied in the timeline to also come into Silhouette? If so, that won’t work. You need to use the Color page for that.

Yes. Did you review the screen shots? It show the order of the silhouette plug in relative to everything else.

But what I’m asking is how to plug the timeline into the paint node inside silhouette. I posted a second screenshot to hopefully clarify the question.

Yes, I did see your screenshots, but your questions did not make sense to me which is why I asked additional questions.

Plug-ins are applied to clips–not timelines. So, the short answer to your question is no, you can’t input the timeline as it is comprised of multiple clips. However, host applications like After Effects and Premiere Pro have the concepts of pre-comps which can be comprised of multiple clips. The pre-comp is a nested composition or sequence that appears as a single clip to a plug-in and a plug-in can be applied to a pre-comp. In the case of Resolve, you can create a Fusion Clip or Compound Clip which creates a single clip from the sequence in the timeline and you can then apply a plug-in to the new Fusion Clip or Compound Clip.

Ok. That helps me move forward. I’ll do some research on the Fusion Clip and Compound Clip fuctionality as the timeline I want to eventually use does have multiple clips. I tried it before with only one clip on the timeline and couldn’t figure out how to set the input to that one clip.

Once I have that Fusion clip setup, can I apply the plugin to the color page? Will the paint node input automatically see the fusion clip or do I need to set the input in my tree?

Using the Timeline, you can apply Silhouette to a single clip.

To input a primary clip and an additional source input, follow these instructions.
In the Color tab, right-click the source node Silhouette was applied to and select Add OFX Input, drag and drop the optional source from the Media Pool to the Color page, and connect the green output port of the optional source to the green input of the source node.


The paint node will automatically see the fusion clip on the Color page.

I’ll work with those instructions and see what I can figure out. Thanks for your help.