[Resolved] Had reset Windows now install says i've reached the max no'

Hi, you’ve prob been asked this a 1000 times but i can’t find a thread on here
I had reset Windows now Continuum install says i’ve reached the max no’ of activations, I haven’t tried installing Mocha Pro yet? I only have 1 PC.

I get the same with Mocha Pro

The little chat window man on Boris website reset them for me & they’re now activated successfully, nice quick response :+1::+1:

In general if you ever need to reinstall an OS or reformat/remove a hard drive it’s a good idea to deactivate the licenses first. The Support team can help out when in a jam, but if you deactivate ahead of time then it avoids the need for extra steps. Glad to hear you’re up an running again.

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Thankyou, I’ll try & remember to do that, i thought because it was the same PC it would be ok & then it was too late when Windows was doing it’s reinstall thing, :thinking::man_facepalming:
yep the response from the chat pop-up was quick & did the job :+1:

Is it not possible to deactivate the license from the user account? What is the “Reset” button for?

If you go into My Account / Account / Licenses on the website, yes, you can reset a license in this scenario as well, although I believe the number of resets is finite / time limited. Worth trying before needing to create a support ticket though. Thanks for the reminder!

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